The shift from a centralized technical infrastructure to distributed, ecosystem-enabling platforms is laying the foundations for new business models in payments, digital banking and financial transaction technologies. Blockchain promises a transactional platform that is highly secure, low cost, fast, with lower incidents of error, and the possibility of reducing capital requirements. It essentially allows us to automate more while processing greater volumes of data with fewer people at lower cost and risk. It also shows a way wherein people from all strata can easily transfer without worrying about the high banking transaction cost. Blockchain combined in a mobile first world allows micro-payments to be easily done across the world in an interactive manner through live text and video chat – the land that WYRR promises



Users always have access to Public and private keys even outside the application transactions are completely anonymous on the blockchain and Wyrr doesn't sell or distribute any user information

Send message

Wyrr isn't only a great wallet it's an even better Messenger Send pictures video and funds to friends instantly without breaking conversation transactions are confirmed and sent instantly on the Wyrr network while the transaction history is always viewable on ledger within the application


Wyrr LYV lets you Create live PPV broadcast within the app just set a fee send invitation to friends, family or other wyrr users And funds are available in seconds with wyrr anyone in the world can create great content and receive funds instantly


With wyrr users can load and withdraw from wallet in a variety of forms whether fiat currency connect to coin-base account or use any supported crypto currencies ( bitcoin, ethereum. Litecoin, ripple, and 60+ others ) or withdraw and convert your funds to about 60+ supported crypto currencies in to any external wallet as well as fiat transfers for some users



White paper

At Wyrr we take a different approach to the conventional ico our platform and services will be available to users before our coin offering. We build value in our token by creating the best services and features for the Wyrr community and maintaining the confidence of wyrr users buy creating a secure and easy way to interact with virtual assets. Our white paper will be available prior to the announcement date of the Wyrr Ico in the meantime download our executive summary for a glimpse of what's in store


Chain for Change

More info coming Q4 2018 ( chains for change is a non profit organization run and funded by wyrr inc and other donations we aim to bring blockchain and Ai solutions to many of the problems that plague 3rd world or developing countries projects will be announced soon and progress will be documented via an ongoing series of blogs on our social media platforms stay tuned and contact us if your looking to donate or become part of our non profit )



Founder head of product and business development

Social entrepreneur former science major expert in AI machine learning blockchain technology renewable energy and knowledgeable in crispr gene editing tool , feasibility of space travel and space industries, loves traveling to underdeveloped countries to help find solutions to major problems such as communication infrastructure and sanitation his 3 favorite people are Elon musk , sean carter , and Neil deGrasse Tyson.


Co founder head marketing and board of directors

15 years experience in the auto industry for companies like Toyota and Hyundai has been nationally recognized for managerial work in auto industry and is a budding leader in the African American community .


Vice president of Winjit inc , Wyrr inc advisor

Part of the senior management and strategic team of Winjit Inc - an engineering technology company with core expertise in Industrial IoT, Advanced Computer Vision and Blockchain of things. Done more than 20 live implementations across IoT for sectors that include building automation, dairy industry, Industrial Automation, Coffee Industry and greenhouse. Part of advanced Computer Vision team that has implemented real time object detection solution integrated with a blockchain based P2P architecture.